Customer Reviews:

Poppy Priestley - Thrumpton



Mark is an amazing instructor! If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pass! His funny sense of humour put me at ease the second I met him on my first lesson. I can’t recommend him enough! Thank you so much for your help Mark!



Xander Purcell - Radcliffe on Trent


Xander Purcell  recommends Mark Carroll Driving School.
6th March 2019

Mark was very good with helping me get ready for my test. Made me feel confident to drive and now feel that I can drive by myself confidently. He is very good with confident and non-confident drivers and will be patient to help you pass. Cheers Mark


Leah Petrers - East Leake



Leah Peters  recommends Mark Carroll Driving School.
1st March 2019

I’ve always struggled with my confidence and my nerves but mark really helped me and made me feel so comfortable, he was patient and taught me really well, I only had around 20 lessons with him and in that time he managed to help me pass my test and now I feel so comfortable to go out and drive anywhere. I would recommend him to anyone I know?



Katie Davidson  - East Leake


Katie Dee  recommends Mark Carroll Driving School.

I had previous experience in driving lessons (not very confident at all) and then had a long gap. From the start I was very anxious and Mark was incredibly understanding and knew how to push me to get my driving up to scratch! He’s very experienced, honest and friendly which has played a big part in how I have progressed. He worked around my shift work very well and was very flexible. He provided all of the resources needed to pass both my theory and today my practical test both first time! Very happy to say that I passed with only 4 minors today and it is because of Mark who has always encouraged me to be confident. Thank you so much! Would highly highly recommend!




Kirsty Ranson - Woollaton


Kirsty Ranson  recommends Mark Carroll Driving School.
23rd August 2018

Cannot recommend Mark enough! I started lessons with Mark as a nervous/unconfident driver, partially due to my previous instructor failing to teach me how to use a brake in 10 hours of lessons(!!). Despite me being out of my comfort zone, Mark made me feel at ease with lots of reassurance and a brilliant sense of humour from the very first lesson. I enjoyed how Mark allowed me to choose the lesson content, as it meant he could help me more with the areas I found most difficult. I greatly appreciate how Mark put up with my perfectionism, which ended up being my main problem with learning to drive! Once this was overcome, I became a much more confident driver, and passed my test all thanks to Mark!
I highly recommend him to anyone looking to have driving lessons, no matter what experience or ability?

Sophie Robinson - Costock


Sophie Robinson reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School –
5* - 21st May 2018
5 star
Highly recommend Mark if you’re looking for a driving instructor. After my old one not teaching me anything, Mark was happy to help and I learnt something new each lesson and eventually passed my test first time! Thankyou for all your help Mark


Megan Cox - Castle Donington


Megan Cox reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star

After failing a test and having a bad experience with a driving instructor, I completely - pardon the pun - wrote-off driving three years ago. I was a nervous wreck and the thought of getting behind the wheel made me want to have a panic attack. For some reason, I decided to give this driving lark another go last year and heard from a family friend that Mark was pretty good. I clicked with Mark from the very first lesson and soon found out he's definitely more than 'pretty good'. Mark understood my anxieties, he put me at ease and he made me laugh - a lot! Three years ago I would have told you I'm never going to drive. Last Friday I passed my test and now I can not only drive, but I can drive confidently. I can't thank you enough Mark and I definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about driving or getting back into driving.





Euan Bell - East Leake


Euan Bell reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star
5* - 16th March 2018

Really enjoyed learning to drive. He taught in a professional but friendly manner and is flexible with organising lessons such as when and where you want picking up from and dropping off. Would highly recommend to anybody looking for a. Instructor!!                                                                                               




Alison Wheatley-Bridges - East Leake



Mark taught both my Boys, and they thoroughly enjoyed learning with him. They also both passed first time.






Paulina Radziejowska - East Leake


Paulina Radziejowska reviewed
 Mark Carroll Driving School – 5*5 star

I’d highly recommend Mark Carroll to anyone! As a driving instructor, he’s always been patient and encouraging. Mark built my confidence and made driving lessons enjoyable. I was worried and nervous about the manoeuvres but his positive approach made me feel more comfortable. Today, I passed my driving test - first attempt and I wouldn’t be able to do it without his professional guidance and support.
Thank you Mark Carroll �


Haiden Barney - Sutton Bonnington



Haiden Barney reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5* -5 star

Loved every minute of my lessons and learned so much. Thanks so much for teaching me would highly recommend to any one looking for an instructor.

Thanks Laura


Ian Willimski - East Leake 


Iain Willimsky reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5*5 star

Moved back to the area a few months ago and started to learn to drive. Was a little nervous getting back into a car after such a long time but Laura, my instructor was absolutely brilliant. She explained everything we were going to do before hand and made sure I understood. Lessons were fun and fortunately I was able to get my test in before the test change. Not only did i get help with the practical but also with the theory as they have access to practice questions and the hazard perception. They also help with extra bits and bobs like showing you how to refill your car at a petrol station and night time driving. Cant recommend enough!


Danielle Sibbery - Gedling


Danielle Siberry reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star
5* - 6th November 2017  

I really enjoyed learning with Mark. He is very patient, calm and reassuring. I was a very nervous learner but Mark gave me the confidence to pass my test. He is very down to earth and made me feel at ease from the onset. I would highly recommend Mark. Thank you for all your help and for making me believe that I could do it ��


Alexander Jessop - Loughborough University


Alex Jessop reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School –  5*5 star
5 hrs

Elaine was a great teacher, would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of learning to drive.


Vanessa Goddard - East Leake (Re: Jasmine Goddard)


Vanessa Goddard reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star

After knowing so many people who had passed with Mark, my daughter didn't even want to look at any other instructors. I know that my daughter has always felt safe with Mark and found him supportive whilst putting her at ease. He was great with me too, letting me sit in on one of her lessons, and giving me directions for taking her out for extra driving experience in my car. She passed first time today, after just under 6 months, and I can already see she will be a very safe, confident driver, thanks to Mark. We've already got another two customers lined up for him; her younger siblings!


Michelle Beach - Cotgrave (Re: Caitlin and Fraser Orr)



Michelle Beach
  · 18/01/17
I cannot rate Mark highly enough. He is extremely professional and put my twins through their lessons with ease. August to January.... both passed first time on consecutive days - you can't get better stats than that! Thanks to you Mark.

Rachel Tyler - Kinoulton



Rachel Tyler
 · 2 hours ago
Mark is an incredible instructor and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone! After a bad experience with a previous instructor, I pretty much hated driving and had zero confidence in my ability. Mark managed to change this completely - something I never thought possible! From the first lesson I felt completely at ease, and his positive approach played a huge part in helping build my confidence and making me a better driver. Mark was always very accommodating with lesson times/pickup locations and always went out of his way to fit in lessons. I passed first time last week and I can't thank Mark enough for all his help and support!


Vicki Hack - Hathern




I passed my driving test this morning and i could not have done it with out the help of Mark, his careful preparation,support and guidance! I would 100% reccomend him to anyone- Thanks a lot Mark, you've been fab!

Clare Muller - Loughborough



Clare Muller reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star
23 hrs 

I cant thank mark enough for getting me through my driving which i didnt have a lot of confidence in! And im sure i tested his patience a couple of times but he always stayed calm with me. I was a very nervous driver but mark really makes you feel comfortable he pushes you out of your comfort zone which for somebody as nervous as i was really helped!!
I had tried other instructors but wasnt getting anywhere and noticed a definite difference with mark and i wouldnt recommend using anyone else!



Rob Davies - Carlton


Rob Davies reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star
38 mins 

Mark is an outstanding instructor who, having spoke to others, is unique in his approach.

As a late learner, I proved to be every bit as bad as I'd expected on my first lesson but,

thanks to Mark's patience and encouragement, by lesson 2 I was already driving (semi) comfortably on main roads.

Mark continually pushes you on out of your comfort zone so you get the full experience of

driving that extends beyond simply passing your test. He is very flexible and will work

around you to arrange lessons. Would highly recommend to anyone!


Emma Patterson - East Leake


Emma Patterson reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star
20 May at 23:54

I was really nervous about learning to drive but Mark made the lessons fun

and relaxed. It took me a while to feel comfortable behind the wheel but Mark

was really patient and helped to build up my confidence. He always tried hard

to find lesson times that worked well for me (my shifts change every week) 

and he really cares about making you a good driver, not just teaching you to

pass the test. I would definitely recommend him!


Jef Gould - Long Eaton


Mark is great, simple as that. i had no experience behind the wheel
despite being 43, so I was nervous as heck. from day one though,
he handed me the keys and boom, I was driving. His manner and humour
were perfect for both me and my girlfriend (who also learnt at the
same time). He is patient, but pushes you just the right amount to get 
you to progress at a decent pace. I would recommend him to anyone.
i'm actually gonna miss the lessons! Most imprtant of all about Mark,
he will teach you how to drive, not just how to pass the test.
Julie Jarvis - Cotgrave
Julie Jarvis reviewed Mark Carroll Driving School – 5 star
9th April 2016


Mark Caroll is amazing ! i was so nervous and i didn't have any confidence at all He took

the lessons at my pace and didn't give up on me.Always finding different teaching

methods to help me understand different situations.He was always very accommodating

and understanding when needing to rearrange lessons and goes that extra mile to fit in around your schedule. I never imagined i would pass a driving test and own a car but i

have thanks to Marks patience and perseverance and encouragement so thanks again

Mark i would happily recommend to anyone and everyone.


Joanne Marland - Bulwell



I contacted Mark to arrange lessons after previously failings two tests with a different instructor. I was impressed with Mark from my initial contact with him, not only did he get back to me straight away he also offered my first lesson free so I could take the opportunity to see if I wanted him as my instructor. It became apparent from the offset that Mark's approach to teaching me to drive was refreshingly different and that he was teaching me life driving skills and how to drive safely for myself and not simply drive to pass the actual test itself. Mark helped me improve my confidence in myself which subsequently had a positive affect on my driving as it helped me relax. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark as an instructor to anyone!



Joe Brooks - Ashby


Mark is a fantastic driving instructor who made me feel confident when driving. Mark was always on time and kept me informed when the driving lesson was with a text confirming the day before. I've recommended Mark to my family and friends as he doesn't just teach you to pass your test, he teaches you to be confident when driving on your own. Thanks for all the help Mark, highly recommended. 


Laura Hearn - Shepshed


I would definitely recommend mark and have done to my friends . He is very patient, friendly and calm; he has helped me pass my theory and practical test as well as becoming more confident in the car. Mark is challenging but very fair and will prepare drivers for everything ranging from filling the car with petrol to driving through small country roads. Overall mark has the patience, experience and skill to help anyone pass their test no matter how much confidence or experience they have.


Marcus Naden - Bradmore


Mark has not only helped me to pass my driving test, but has also helped me to become a great driver. Once I’d passed, I took a motorway lesson which has now given me full confidence whenever I drive on a motorway. Mark took me to leeds which is what my first real motorway journey was to be which I found especially helpful. I always found 1 and a half hour lessons quite a long time, but it meant I could get as much out of the lessons as possible (including things like manoeuvre practising). Mark is always on time which is great! Overall you will become a great driver after lessons with him, although it won’t always be as easy as you think, it takes a lot of hard work and concentration.


Joslin Revell - Sutton Bonnington


Mark was a fantastic driving instructor, he made me feel comfortable and confident whilst driving. He taught my two brothers how to drive before me, and he worked so well with them, and then did a great job teaching me as well. He taught me in ways that I found easy to understand, and I passed first time on both my theory and my test, all thanks to mark. I would highly recommend him to everyone! I have recommended him to friends and even they say he is great! He also sorts out driving lessons around peoples busy schedules, and always alerts you with text reminders so you never forget a lesson. I would highly reccomend mark to any first time drivers that want an enjoyable time whilst learning. Thanks for helping me pass mark! 


Laura Parker - Meacham


Mark is an amazing driving instructor. I had big confident issues when I was learning to drive but Mark was able to make me feel comfortable and confident in my driving which helped me pass both my theory test and my practical test quickly. Mark was also really good at finding and making time for me to have my lessons around my busy schedule. Learning with Mark has made me a careful driver and I wouldn't have wanted to learn how to drive with any other instructor. 

Rose Mason – Normanton on the Wolds


Mark offers all the great services you could look for in a driving instructor; good prices and good deals, record cards to track progress, easy payment, lesson reminders, pick up and drop off from various places... But the best thing about learning with him was his style of teaching. Mark is clear when explaining things which makes it so easy to learn and remember, but he is also reassuring if you get something wrong and doesn't put you under any pressure. He has an answer to every question you could possibly ask about driving and general life. He also really goes the extra mile (if you pardon the pun) for his pupils, like sending practice test routes or fitting in lessons at the last minute. One of my friends said to me when she passed her driving test that she was so happy that she never had to have lessons again because they were so boring, but for me driving lessons were the complete opposite. Mark never fails to make you laugh with his witty banter, and he genuinely cares about your progress, saying that being a driving instructure can be the most rewarding job when he sees pupils achieve their goals. Would 100% reccomend him to any of my friends.


James Barrs - Gamston 


Mark is a great instructor, he accommodates for all whether you have previous experience or not. Confidence was something I struggled with at first when learning to drive but Mark quickly helped me to build it up, remaining positive at all times. He goes the extra mile by teaching you skills which will be necessary after you pass such as filling the car up with petrol which many instructors leave out. Throughout my lesson, he was very patient and had a great sense of humour which help relieve pressure at times. Great instructor, 10/10  would recommend to all!


Harry Palmer – Wysall


 Mark is an excellent instructor, who gets very in depth with your driving and does all he can to help and pass your test. In a time of need where I got let down by a national driving school instructor, Mark was there to help. I would recommend Mark highly to anyone who needs a driving instructor, because he is caring and hardworking and helps you every step of the way.


Sophie Buckby - Ruddington


I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn to drive. I didn’t have a lot of confidence driving but Mark helped me to build it up by staying positive and going over everything multiple times as well as doing extra things such as filling up the car with petrol, which are not needed for your test but are important to know once you have passed. I am very happy that I managed to pass first time with his help!


 Grace Nathan - Bunny

I failed my first two tests and after no time with Mark I passed on my third attempt. Mark is very focused and has great teaching methods which guarantee a good outcome, in a short amount of time. Mark is also dedicated and will always make time for you as he genuinely wants people to do well.


 Hannah Butcher – East Leake 

Mark is the best instructor I could have asked for, whilst my friends often complained of awkward moments I never had anything to complain about! He made me feel completely at ease during my lessons, even when I had an off lesson he always remained positive and confident in my ability. 
Now, having passed my test (the saying ‘third time lucky’ is very applicable here), I feel confident doing something which could potentially be very scary, and that’s down to Mark and his style of teaching. Thank you!


 Becca Sanderson - Moira

I was pretty nervous about learning to drive, but Mark helps you to feel confident and relaxed whilst driving. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking for a patient instructor who also has a great sense of humour!


 Alex Brown – East Leake

When choosing your instructor mark Carroll should Definately be considered. Not only does he have an outstanding first time pass to fail ratio he is also a top bloke. He is reliable easy to get on with and tailors lesson to each individual as he did for me. I under his tuition passed first time he makes sure that you are prepared for your test and teaches you not only how to pass your test but how to drive . And how to drive cost effectively and Also environmentally friendly . He is a relaxed nice bloke and I cannot have imagined learning from anyone else as well as I did from mark. Infact I am looking to book my pass plus course with mark.


Jade Aspinall - Cotgrave

Mark is an amazing driving instructor ! I had previously had lots of lessons with another instructor and taken a test whilst with them but although I could control a car I was still a bag of nerves and wasn’t mentally ready! Mark calmed my nerves , made me grow in confidence and taught me how to not only control the car to get me through my test but understand the roads, plan ahead and enjoy driving. He has deffanatly taught me how to drive for life and I would recommend him to anybody looking to learn how to drive !


 Tayer Maggs – University of Nottingham

I came to Mark with the ambition to be driving before Christmas. As a first time driver, living away from home (with no car to practise it) and with just over a two month time scale Mark brought me through my paces. Successfully teaching by adjusting to my style of learning and ensuring I didn’t get too disheartened by the off day’s, I would gladly recommend him to any friend wanting to learn how to drive. I put it down to the fact I was born female, passing my test first time, but all humour aside I would never have been able to do it without Mark! He is a safe and confident instructor which I believe is now evident in my driving, I am thankful for all his time and effort. Wish you all the best!


 Stephen Tuckwood – Castle Donnington

Excellent instructor passed me super quick


 Will Brunt – Sutton Bonnington

Mark has been a great driving instructor – I had already had driving lessons with another instructor but Mark helped me over the final hurdle to actually be able to pass the test. I have really valued his help and support and I am now planning on taking Pass Plus with him. I would really recommend Mark he is a great bloke!


Hannah Mukuka – Sherwood


I started driving lessons with Mark in December 2011, at this point I’d already had lessons with a different instructor. From then on things changed and my driving style improved so much more than I could ever imagine. Mark is an incredibely skilled instructor and likes a challenge! My first test was a bit of a mess and my nerves really got to me. It took me 5 times before I passed but I am so grateful for Mark believing in me and giving me confidence to carry on. There were times when I felt like giving up and that maybe driving wasn’t for me but Mark wouldn’t stand for that! He is a great coach and the lessons were fun, never boring. I feel that I’ve got to a level where I can actually drive for life and not just to pass a test and that is so important! So thank you Mark for investing alot of time and patience into teaching me, its changed everything!


Jason Palmer – Hathern


Great instructor he made me feel confident and explained things very well and I recommend him to all my mates. Thanks Mark


Jamie Leigh Larcombe


Passing my driving test is one of the best things I’ve done! And it’s all down to mark! He is worth his weight in gold! Driving lessons for me went from being a nerve racking nightmare, to an amazing experience and awesome journey. He did the unthinkable and got me through my test! An awesome instructor. I very highly recommend him! :)


Chloe Roberts - Moira  


Mark is an excellent driving instructor, he knew how to make you feel comfortable while driving with you and how to have a laugh, I would highly recommend Mark to anyone that was going to be learning to drive soon. Mark taught me the skills I needed to be able to drive safely. Cheers for everything Mark!


Harry ‘Whitey’ White – East Leake


Mark is an excellent driving instructor, I always came home from my driving lessons with a smile on my face. This enjoyment helped me pass my test with no driving faults first time! Thanks Mark.


Patrick Revell – Sutton Bonnington


Mark was a superb driving instructor. I failed my first test unfortunatly due to being nervous. Mark assured me the following weeks and brought my confidence back up to the required level. We also ironed out a few creases by where I went wrong on my first test. I then continued to pass my second test with flying colours. Marks teaching technique of relating driving aspects to sports, especially rugby, was found very useful and gave me an easier understanding of the tasks in which I needed to complete. I would highly reccomend any first time drivers to be taught by Mark. He mixed an educational enviroment with the that of an enjoyable one. I had a very good experience to have Mark as my driving instructor. Thank you again Mark.


Holly Easter – Shepshed


Mark is a fantastic tutor and is quick to make you feel confident about driving. I was extremely frightened of driving and i would put off learning so many times. I decided to give it just one lesson just to see if it was right for me and if not then no harm done.As soon as i got in the car with Mark he was very welcoming and reassuring, he was patient with me and it was never boring, no awkward silences. He is hilarious and a great tutor and i was driving in no time at all! i really recommend Mark as he is truly the best out there. Thanks again :)


Jono Sheldon – Newbold


I would definitely recommend Mark, he is a very clear and patient instructor and we had good laugh too. He had excellent knowledge of the centre and routes and provided me with all the knowledge, not just for passing my test but more as well. Cheers Mark!



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